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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Update ^o^

                                   Hey jammers today was the update and I adore updates!

                   In the update came a brand new underwater adventure called In Too Deep.

                                        New games and prizes for the summer carnival.

                     The new game in the summer carnival is called Dunk a Phantom where u have to dunk the                              phantom.

And also the hatapalooza is back but its different no new hats just all hats on discount. :(

And the tradition where Christmas in July is back and will be gone on the 24 of July

                                            Last Day for the Shadowy Garden.

Also the horse claw came into the diamond shop which is neat, but what claw do you think will come after the horse claw comment in the comments below.

                                                       Bye jammers Happy jamming! ^o^


  1. The new update isn't that bad. I like the rhinos coming back :>

    1. The rhinos coming back is one of the best parts of the update! ^o^

  2. I love the horse claw, and my friend LOVES horses so she loves this lol :P


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