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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Quilted Blankets

   Hey jammers today AJHQ released quilted blankets which is just horrible for this time because ITS NOT WINTER, because its like its winter and AJHQ releases the sunglasses I think AJHQ should get the idea that its not winter , but though some countries have winter which I disagree on that which I wish everywhere was summer so AJHQ would just release summer items, the only way I like winter is for snow Jamaa is decorated awesomely and because Christmas and winter break the rest of winter I don't like. 

  Jammers aren't you excited for the next update coming this Thursday I think the rhinos may come in the update!

In other news Animal Jam has released paper toys. If you want to learn more go to the animal jam spirit blog.

Lastly I will leave you with this post that the Daily Explorer posted today. Have you gotten it because I have it.


  1. Hi! It's rascalcat!!

  2. Wow! Up in the tower of the crystal palace den, Mira sure has grown her head feathers… XD


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