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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Surprise Updates!

Hey jammers today is update day?! Yes its Wednesday and its update day, this is me bringing you the news for this update.  Anyways pet rhinos are here celebrating the return of rhinos!

                          Anyways they are located at the diamond shop they are so cute!
         In other news the loading screen is now really summer but summer gonna end soon.

                                      Also a new animal is coming and it might be an otter.

                       Also you can vote for new items salon, egyptian, icecream parlor.

And there is a new party its the beta party where you can look back on memories.

                                    Also In too deep can be played as hard mode now.

Also they winning accessory is the ribbon scarf congrats to whoever had that idea.

                                      The daily explorer posted about the ribbon scarf.

                                        And also the daily explorer posted 2 posts extra.

                              Also the Aj insiders guide is in amazon and in Barnes and Noble store.

                                  Also, today AJ released a candy necklace yummy candy!

                                Anyways bye jammers happy jamming see you tomorrow! ^o^

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