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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stegosaurus Tail Yay!

Hey jammers today's new item is the stegosaurus tail thank god I didn't buy it last year because last year's summer carnival prizes were way too pricey. I think I will buy 2 stegosaurus tails because they are one of my favorite summer carnival item.

Moving on yesterday there was a new post in the daily explorer about rhinos and there was in activity in the article because it is the AJ academy.

Also, I will now have a new segment called Glitchy Day where I show you a glitch that is in animal jam and glitchy corner happens on Sunday every 2 weeks if I don't have a glitch its because I didn't have one but sometimes I have glitches, but today I do have a glitch its in the underwater best dressed, I'm supposed to be a dolphin but my arctic wolf wanted to be in the underwater best dressed.

In other news the friend requests have been updated again this image is from the Animal Jam Spirit so thank you to the AJS, anyways the requests keep on getting more modern.

                                                      Anyways bye happy jamming! ^o^


  1. really? i did not know that glitch... where is the underwater best dressed? I have never played it and never heard of it...

    1. The underwater best is in the bahari bay


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