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Friday, October 31, 2014

Creepypasta #6 The Forgotten Curse (My Last Creepypasta Of The Year)

 It was  one Halloween Night I heard rumors of a jammer named The Forgotten many jammers said that there was a curse that if you saw The Forgotten you would have to be The Forgotten until somebody sees you, if you didn't become the Forgotten your mind would get taken over by the original The Forgotten. Many jammers were too scared to be playing Animal Jam so many jammers quit.
But I wasn't scared. Me and my friends were trick or treating on animal jam for Halloween items which became a tradition since 2012, my friends told me about their tradition when I joined in 2013. My friends said that they had to decorate their dens so I went ahead and went trick or treating at Mount Shiver, I also found something bad. When I was trying to go to the right corner of Mount Shiver I saw the Forgotten. In my head their was a voice that said to me be the Forgotten or I shall take over your mind. In my mind I thought never but I didn't want my mind to be taken over either. So I sent a text to my friends "goodbye forever :'("  I put. The sent me a text saying "why". I put "because I don't want to be the Forgotten". They texted me "Ok then goodbye :(". I went and took some pills.........

THE END.......

Anyways that was my last and final creepypasta of 2014 I hope you liked it, it is not real because creepypastas aren't real they are made to entertain and to scare.

Happy Halloween!

  Hey jammers sorry for not posting theses couple of days but I have been very tired. Anyways let's start with today's new items! The first new item is a returning item which is the frankenstein mask.

The next new item is the Epic Phantom Throne located in Epic Wonders in Coral Canyons.
   As you noticed today is Halloween one of the greatest times of the year. This means trick or treaters at your door. Anyways here are some pics of pumpkins and a Jam A Gram for Night Of The Phantoms.
            Anyways bye jammers have a happy Halloween and happy trick or treating! ):)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Eyeball Hat

 Today's new item is the eyeball hat it is a returning item that comes back this time of year.

                                                            Anyways bye jammers.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Rare Spooky Top Hat

 Hey jammers today's rare item is the rare spooky hat it costs a lost but its really cool and nice for night of the phantoms.

Also have you noticed that the colors on the globe thing on the fountain is the same colors as the rare item monday. Anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

Sunday, October 26, 2014


 Hey jammers today is a really fast post anyways today's new item is the mummy mask it isn't new its a returning item.

Also today the daily explorer posted about a panda diamond challenge go to the daily explorer to learn more.
                                            Anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Trick Or Treat And Evil Scientist Stuff

  Hello Jammers today's new clothing item is the trick or treat bucket for the clothing item which is cool but the colors could have been better.
The new den item is a Mystical Potion set for evil scientists which fits the spooky table.

                                           Anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Creepypasta #5 Turn Back Now!

 One day there was updates the updates had to do with the diamond shop so I went to the diamond shop. I went in there there was a hallway that had statues that were painted red not just any red blood red. I went through the hallway, at the end of the hallway it was a sign saying turn back now in blood. Since I am the adventurous type of jammer I ignored the sign, when I went to the second floor of the diamond shop there was 5 jammers right there. I talked to them they said " you should have turned back it would have been the wise choice". My skin and fur began to turn blood red. On the floor it said "too late" in blood. I tried to find an exit but there were none. My body had disappeared the only body part of mine that was left was my head. I was suddenly teleported to a grave yard with lots of gravestones there. I suddenly noticed that my head had disappeared. I was suddenly invisible but I saw a mirror so I tried to look at myself all I saw from the mirror were blood red eyes. Suddenly a jammer with blood and blood red eyes appeared and said "goodbye forever".....  I had disappeared forever.........

New Animal Maybe Polar Bear!

  Hey jammers I haven't made an update post since July I think so anyways here are the new items and the update.

More space slots, new items, and pet owls returning.  50% off spooky items well this is a great update but not the greatest and I think the new animal is a polar bear because polar bear's face looks like that and the live in snow, anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Awkward Zombie Mask And Spooky Chair

Hey jammers today's new items are the zombie mask and the spooky chair and something sewer I forgot. Anyways the zombie mask is located at the Jam Mart Clothing Shop. While the spooky chair and the sewer thingy are both located in Jam Mart Furniture. Also the zombie mask looks sorta derpy and awkward.

     The spooky chair can have scratch marks if you click the customize button which is cool.
               The sewer thing looks Meh its not great but it isn't the worst item so its ok.

In other news I put the I support the stop bullying sign becasause my blog now supports the movement if you want to put it on your blog go to the animal jam Frost by snowypaw.
                                           Anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Rare Retro Phantom Balloon

  Hey jammers today's rare item looks retro but not night of the phantomsish  but it looks cool at least.

                                            Anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Creepypasta #4 Left Behind

 Once Upon A Time there lived 3 best friends who were the best of friends, one day they all decided to go on a adventure they did return of the phantoms hard mode. The adventure was all going well until 2 of the friends went into the arcticwolf cave they plotted to leave behind the other friend who didn't know anything about the plot against her. Meanwhile the other two plotted to leave behind their other friend because she was like a big boulder to them. While the 3 friends were getting the keys the 2 that were plotting were making a whole so the other friend would fall into so the phantoms could take her. One of the friends who were plotting called the person who was getting a plot made against her. The person who was getting a plot made against her was named Duchess Shy Lady. The other 2 girl's names were ArcticWolf and Countess Glam Girl. Countess called Duchess then Duchess fell into the hole she couldn't get up because she was stuck in the hole. Duchess said "U guys can you help me". Arctic and Countess said " No". Duchess said "C'mon guys please stop kidding around". Arctic and Countess said "No we aren't kidding around and we aren't gonna help you no matter how much you beg". Arctic and Countess started taking Duchess's rares and betas from her bag that contained all of her betas and rares. Arctic and Countess left the adventure and Duchess.
Duchess screamed "Why"! The phantoms came and got Duchess. The phantoms electrocuted Duchess. Duchess had died. The phantoms grabbed a shovel a burried Duchess's body
Nobody ever saw Duchess again.

                                                                THE END

Haunted Bookshelf And Flaming Jack O Lantern

 Hey jammers today's new items look really cool and are used to make night of the phantom costumes.The first new item is the haunted bookshelf located in Jam Mart Furniture.
      The next new item is located in the Hot Cocoa hut which looks really cool.
Today's underwater new item is the Clown Mask which looks silly and a little scary at the same time.

                                  In glitch news these are some glitches that I have.

           Those were some glitches some may not work while others still work.
                        Anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Monstrous Hair And A Lamp That Has A Spirit Inside

 Hey jammers today's new items are located at the Outback Imports and the Jam Mart Furniture.
The first new item is the Monstrous hair located at Jam Mart Furniture.
Today's other new item is a lamp which I forgot whats it called but its in the title, it is located at Outback Imports in Kimbara Outback.

                                             Anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tons Of New Items

 Hey jammers today's new items are the coffin, the bubbling cauldron and  the skull tombstone which are the new den items.

Today's new clothing items are the superhero cape, the scary bell hat and the epic dragon wings.
In other news the cheetahs will leave next week so be sure to get your own cheetah before they disappear.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Creepypasta #3 Why?

 One day it was update day I was so excited because I love updates I noticed I was the first person on I checked the Jamaa Journal the update included a new adventure, a new game, new pets and a new animal I went to do the adventure but it wouldn't let me it said "Oh no you can't do that yet", So I went to buy the new pet and new animal but it said the same thing. I went to play the new game "I said "finally". The game didn't look as innocent as the other games the game was about something creepy. Mira appeared and looked very mad for some reason she said " well look another jammer has discovered something only for me to know". Her feathers instantly changed color the color was black her eyes were blood red. I tried to run away but I couldn't she caught me. She started pecking at me I started bleeding I blacked out. I woke up I went to my den I went to go get an apple, when I was thinking was it a dream or was it real? I looked in the mirror I was bleeding my eyes were bleeding I was bleeding. Mira suddenly appeared in her dark form her true form she said "This happened to you because you know too much..." She started pecking me again. I said to her"why"? She didn't answer me. I had died.........

                                         THE END


Epic Dragon Skull

Hey jammers today's new item is the epic dragon skull which means maybe tomorrow's new item is the epic dragon wings.

Anyways bye jammers happy jamming also my field trip was sorta boring anyways bye!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Rare Cupid Wings And Leaving Tennis Rackets

 Hey jammers today's rare item Monday is the rare cupid wings, they look like they should be for Valentine's Day instead for Night Of The Phantoms.
Here's the DE post about the rare item Monday if you want to read it go to the Daily Explorer.
In other news the Tennis Rackets are leaving the Jam Mart Furniture if you want to play tennis be sure to pick them up.
                                          Anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Creepypasta #2 Obsessed With Rares

 One day a new jammer joined AJ because a friend told them that it was fun that jammer was called rares, rares saw people that had tons of spikes and founders and headdresses. Rares saw that a lot of people had rares but not Rares. Rares got jealous of the other jammers because they had rares, but one day Rares saw a person called Foreverrare they had tons of founders and spikes and basically every rare and betas that ever existed, Rares said to Foreverrare "can I have a spike". Foreverrare said "yes but it will cost you something". Rares said "yes anything you want". Foreverrare said "your soul". Rares said "ok". But something Rares did not know is that Forever was a demon and once they did the exchange there was no going back. They did the exchange and something bad happened Rares disappeared forever. That was the last thing that anyone knew about Rares. Forever disappeared also but comes back when a jammer wants rares badly and when one wants to get extremely rare.

                                     The END

                                 That was my 2nd creepypasta I hope you liked it!

Scared Jack O Lanterns And Eyeballs

  Hey jammers today's new items are the scared Jack O lantern and the eyeball antenna and also the Tutu which is available underwater.

In other news the reason I'm not posting a lot is because of school because school makes me really tired also I will not post on Wednesday because I will have a fieldtrip that day and when its fieldtrips I come back home really really tired. Anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Skeletons, Spooky Trees And Fman122 Randomness

  Hey jammers today's new items are the Skeleton Suit in Epic Wonders and the Spooky Tree which is also in Epic Wonders.

In other news jammers have been making Fman122 groups they have been spotted at Jamaa Township.

In other news I will at least post 2 creepypastas per week, anyways bye jammers happy jamming also tomorrow pet bats and the spooky party will be returning anyways bye!