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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ant Farm

 Hey jammers today's new item is the Ant Farm they don't look like ants they look like cockroaches without antenas.

In other new today's the last day for the tall cactus so if you want you have to get it now.

I also noticed that one day I clicked on my friends name tag then this appeared she had no eyes or clothes on her player tab which obiously is a glitch.

                                                 Anyways bye jammers happy jamming! ^o^


  1. Those ants look more like jellybeans to me.

    1. They look like anything except ants!

    2. WHY DOES ANIMAL JAM MAKE ANTS SO tiny... well they are tiny... OOH! a random thought! what if they made ants as new animals! you coudln't really see them..


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