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About this Blog

This blog was created by me Fusion on June 21, 2014 I decided to start blogging because I was bored and I was inspired by SnowyClaws' blog the Animal Jam Spirit  my first post was made at 10:00 PM yes I know that it was late at night, so I began to give blogging a try I liked it so I continued to do it and then I began to stop posting on the blog because I became tired and bored of blogging because it's basically writing and writing is fun and I love it but it takes time away from my life but the point is it was fun and I had my very own blog and I created it by myself and a some help from my great friend WinterChan so I decided to not abandon my blog but instead take some short breaks anyways as time passed I became a better blogger because I got to see such amazing blogs about Animal Jam like the Animal Jam Graphic Central and the Animal Jam Newspaper as well as my friend WinterChan's blog the Animal Jam Eternal Frost and I started to also become good at making signatures like these that I made my self as well as the blog headers that I made my blog but I couldn't have made the headers or signatures without graphics from the Animal Jam Graphic Central. Then the blog became visited a bit more but I hope that one day there will be tons of visitors on this blog and I promise that I will not stop posting until it's at least 2017 which by then I will be a bit old for AJ but famous jammers are older than me and they still play it but anyways who cares as long as I have interest I will keep posting as always bye guys love y'all (I don't say y'all that much and I'm not from the South or I don't live in the South but YOLO) anyways I hope we can make this blog even more popular than it is because it's like a ghost town 98% of the time.

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