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Monday, July 7, 2014

Scammer Watch 1

Hey jammers this is the 1st  scammer watch to look out for:
Some may have retired I have checked various blogs and found these people so be sure to block and report them. More scammers will come soon each month and I will put more names up but these are for now.

                       1st: articwolf20046
                        second: scarboy665
                        3rd: cookiezncream
                        4th: ploh
                         5th: snowburn
                          6: spaceape
                          7: kingfin
                          8: thelosttower
                           9: nesser76
                            10: cricket88
                             11: catymeowtime
                              12: liongirl17
                               13: Nathan4456
                                14: zari12
                                 15: peach3424

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