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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tiki Umbrella and Aviator hat packing its bags

Hey jammers today's new item is the tiki umbrella table it looks better if its for a summer den like the waterpark den.

Also, the aviator hat has began to pack its flying bags it will leave Sunday or next Monday.

                            Also, congrats to this week's jammer snaps about rhinos.
                       Anyways bye jammers happy jamming! See you tomorrow bye! ^o^

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bye Pottery Wheel and Hello Heart Pillow

Hey jammers today's new item is soft and you can sleep on it and  is for a really cozy den. Its the heart pillow which is for members, I wonder if there will be other shaped pillows.

Also, the pet owl and the horse claw are packing their bags to leave next week.

And, speaking of leaving there are other leaving items like the pottery wheel which today is its last day, and the ruby birthstone is planning to leave, also the pearl necklace from the bahari bay bargains.

                                Also, the daily explorer posted about art of den items.

                                   Anyways bye happy jamming see you tomorrow! ^o^

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bye bye seashell hello butterfly

 Hey jammers today's new item is in the summer carnival which is the butterfly balloon hat, it is pretty colorful I wonder who designs the balloon hats.

   Also today is the last day for the seashell necklace if you want it pick it up today!

                                                Also every day a new video is posted on AJ.
      Also the results are in I will be the only one posting on this blog, and pretty soon I will have a new poll.
                                                 Anyways bye jammers happy jamming! ^o^

Monday, July 28, 2014

Rare Eye Patch and leaving computer

 Hey jammer today's rare item Monday is the rare blue eye patch and its nonmember finally because there has not been a rare nonmember since a lot. I don't want more rare item Mondays to be blue I have finally gotten bored of that color on rare item Mondays.

Also today is the last day to get the old fashioned computer that no one even used that's why plants are growing on it.

Also, today is the last day to vote on the poll only 7 hours until the poll is closed.
                                             Anyways bye jammers see you tomorrow bye! ^o^

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cute little Star pillow ^o^ and leaving lasso

 Hey jammers today's new item is the star pillow which looks cozy and cute it is nonmember finally something for the nonmembers there has been no nonmember items since June.
In other new the lasso is leaving today is its last day so pick it up because it is one of the items that moves.
Also, the daily explorer posted about the newest party the beta party so be sure to check that out at the daily explorer.
                                Also the daily explorer posted about voting for the new set of items.
                                              Anyways bye jammers see you tomorrow! ^o^

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Epic Antlers and Bye bye couch

 Hey jammers sorry for not posting yesterday I just was too busy. Anyways today's new item is the epic antlers they look epic and big.

                                   In other news the icy couch is leaving pick if you want it.
Also have you heard of the diamond code TWELVE it gives you 1 diamond if you use it and its not a hack.
Also, have you noticed the new clear den option it is better than just clearing the den by yourself.
Also there is a new item at the beta party the new item is the "beta TV" so when you have the chance to go to the beta party be sure to pick that up.
This picture is from the animal jam spirit blog and is the image of the beta TV

                       Also yesterday's new item was the snake balloon hat located at the summer carnival.
                                Anyways bye jammers happy jamming see you tomorrow! ^o^

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cactus fence, Beta table and Grill

Hey jammers yesterday I forgot to post about the grill because on yesterday's post I had to put so much stuff. I think the black grill is better because it looks like a real life grill.

Today's new item is the cactus fence, it looks like when you have a garden den or your doing a western den.
Also there is a new item in the beta party its the "beta table" it looks like the beginning table but with stuff on top of it.
Also, the daily explorer posted pictures of birds, great job to whoever drew those pictures.
                                                Anyways bye jammers happy jamming! ^o^

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Surprise Updates!

Hey jammers today is update day?! Yes its Wednesday and its update day, this is me bringing you the news for this update.  Anyways pet rhinos are here celebrating the return of rhinos!

                          Anyways they are located at the diamond shop they are so cute!
         In other news the loading screen is now really summer but summer gonna end soon.

                                      Also a new animal is coming and it might be an otter.

                       Also you can vote for new items salon, egyptian, icecream parlor.

And there is a new party its the beta party where you can look back on memories.

                                    Also In too deep can be played as hard mode now.

Also they winning accessory is the ribbon scarf congrats to whoever had that idea.

                                      The daily explorer posted about the ribbon scarf.

                                        And also the daily explorer posted 2 posts extra.

                              Also the Aj insiders guide is in amazon and in Barnes and Noble store.

                                  Also, today AJ released a candy necklace yummy candy!

                                Anyways bye jammers happy jamming see you tomorrow! ^o^

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Circular chair and bye little cabin

Hey jammers today's new item is the circular chair the white one fits in with the crystal palace den.

               Also today is the last day for the little pet cabin so if you want one get it today!

Also the daily explorer posted about yesterday's R.I.M be sure to check that out at the daily explorer!

Anyways bye guys sorry for posting late but it was because I woke up late bye happy jamming!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Rare Nautilus Necklace

Hey guy's today's rare item Monday is the rare nautilus necklace which is an ocean item it costs 750 gems.

                                   Also the daily explorer posted about Christmas in July.

                                     Anyways bye jammers see you guys tomorrow happy jamming! ^o^

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stegosaurus Tail Yay!

Hey jammers today's new item is the stegosaurus tail thank god I didn't buy it last year because last year's summer carnival prizes were way too pricey. I think I will buy 2 stegosaurus tails because they are one of my favorite summer carnival item.

Moving on yesterday there was a new post in the daily explorer about rhinos and there was in activity in the article because it is the AJ academy.

Also, I will now have a new segment called Glitchy Day where I show you a glitch that is in animal jam and glitchy corner happens on Sunday every 2 weeks if I don't have a glitch its because I didn't have one but sometimes I have glitches, but today I do have a glitch its in the underwater best dressed, I'm supposed to be a dolphin but my arctic wolf wanted to be in the underwater best dressed.

In other news the friend requests have been updated again this image is from the Animal Jam Spirit so thank you to the AJS, anyways the requests keep on getting more modern.

                                                      Anyways bye happy jamming! ^o^