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Friday, October 31, 2014

Creepypasta #6 The Forgotten Curse (My Last Creepypasta Of The Year)

 It was  one Halloween Night I heard rumors of a jammer named The Forgotten many jammers said that there was a curse that if you saw The Forgotten you would have to be The Forgotten until somebody sees you, if you didn't become the Forgotten your mind would get taken over by the original The Forgotten. Many jammers were too scared to be playing Animal Jam so many jammers quit.
But I wasn't scared. Me and my friends were trick or treating on animal jam for Halloween items which became a tradition since 2012, my friends told me about their tradition when I joined in 2013. My friends said that they had to decorate their dens so I went ahead and went trick or treating at Mount Shiver, I also found something bad. When I was trying to go to the right corner of Mount Shiver I saw the Forgotten. In my head their was a voice that said to me be the Forgotten or I shall take over your mind. In my mind I thought never but I didn't want my mind to be taken over either. So I sent a text to my friends "goodbye forever :'("  I put. The sent me a text saying "why". I put "because I don't want to be the Forgotten". They texted me "Ok then goodbye :(". I went and took some pills.........

THE END.......

Anyways that was my last and final creepypasta of 2014 I hope you liked it, it is not real because creepypastas aren't real they are made to entertain and to scare.

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