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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Awkward Zombie Mask And Spooky Chair

Hey jammers today's new items are the zombie mask and the spooky chair and something sewer I forgot. Anyways the zombie mask is located at the Jam Mart Clothing Shop. While the spooky chair and the sewer thingy are both located in Jam Mart Furniture. Also the zombie mask looks sorta derpy and awkward.

     The spooky chair can have scratch marks if you click the customize button which is cool.
               The sewer thing looks Meh its not great but it isn't the worst item so its ok.

In other news I put the I support the stop bullying sign becasause my blog now supports the movement if you want to put it on your blog go to the animal jam Frost by snowypaw.
                                           Anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

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