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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Creepypasta #4 Left Behind

 Once Upon A Time there lived 3 best friends who were the best of friends, one day they all decided to go on a adventure they did return of the phantoms hard mode. The adventure was all going well until 2 of the friends went into the arcticwolf cave they plotted to leave behind the other friend who didn't know anything about the plot against her. Meanwhile the other two plotted to leave behind their other friend because she was like a big boulder to them. While the 3 friends were getting the keys the 2 that were plotting were making a whole so the other friend would fall into so the phantoms could take her. One of the friends who were plotting called the person who was getting a plot made against her. The person who was getting a plot made against her was named Duchess Shy Lady. The other 2 girl's names were ArcticWolf and Countess Glam Girl. Countess called Duchess then Duchess fell into the hole she couldn't get up because she was stuck in the hole. Duchess said "U guys can you help me". Arctic and Countess said " No". Duchess said "C'mon guys please stop kidding around". Arctic and Countess said "No we aren't kidding around and we aren't gonna help you no matter how much you beg". Arctic and Countess started taking Duchess's rares and betas from her bag that contained all of her betas and rares. Arctic and Countess left the adventure and Duchess.
Duchess screamed "Why"! The phantoms came and got Duchess. The phantoms electrocuted Duchess. Duchess had died. The phantoms grabbed a shovel a burried Duchess's body
Nobody ever saw Duchess again.

                                                                THE END

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