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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Creepypasta #2 Obsessed With Rares

 One day a new jammer joined AJ because a friend told them that it was fun that jammer was called rares, rares saw people that had tons of spikes and founders and headdresses. Rares saw that a lot of people had rares but not Rares. Rares got jealous of the other jammers because they had rares, but one day Rares saw a person called Foreverrare they had tons of founders and spikes and basically every rare and betas that ever existed, Rares said to Foreverrare "can I have a spike". Foreverrare said "yes but it will cost you something". Rares said "yes anything you want". Foreverrare said "your soul". Rares said "ok". But something Rares did not know is that Forever was a demon and once they did the exchange there was no going back. They did the exchange and something bad happened Rares disappeared forever. That was the last thing that anyone knew about Rares. Forever disappeared also but comes back when a jammer wants rares badly and when one wants to get extremely rare.

                                     The END

                                 That was my 2nd creepypasta I hope you liked it!

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