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Monday, October 6, 2014

Creepypasta #1 The Cursed Day

 One evening I went to go use the computer and go on AJ but my mom told me to do my homework first so then I finished my homework, I didn't feel like playing AJ so instead I played transformice.
I noticed that it was Monday so I went to play AJ but it was down it said that they were updating Jamaa so I waited and waited but still AJ was still down. The next day I went to play AJ but all the servers were empty I said "thats weird AJ's servers are almost all the time full". I checked on my buddy list no one was on. I went everywhere in every server no one was there I was the only jammer playing but why? I went to look at the news if there was something on what happened but nope on the internet but nope, until I found a blog that said AJ is cursed don't play it  on  the 13 or you will die, I said " thank god I didn't play it on the 13". But I realized my friends on AJ are all dead I shook my head and sighed. I checked on another blog it had info on that day it said if you go on at 3:00 PM you will stay on AJ, AJHQ will trap you and leave your soul there forever no one will ever find you they will pretend to update but their not updating they are just taking your soul from your body and leave you in the unentitled room forever and your soul shall never ever escape. I thought in my head " this is crazy how can AJHQ be so evil and this is a KIDS GAME kid's souls will be lost their poor innocent souls". I looked on the internet more about this it said AJHQ aren't people they are spirits that were once innocent people but were told to do this one day in order to go to into afterlife and finally rest in peace. A email saying do not tell people or they shall die and be stuck in the unentitled room also. I decided to keep this secret for myself and only myself.

                                                    THE END!

This was my first creepypasta in the series that I will make for Night Of The Phantoms I hope you enjoyed this there will be more coming.

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