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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Creepypasta #3 Why?

 One day it was update day I was so excited because I love updates I noticed I was the first person on I checked the Jamaa Journal the update included a new adventure, a new game, new pets and a new animal I went to do the adventure but it wouldn't let me it said "Oh no you can't do that yet", So I went to buy the new pet and new animal but it said the same thing. I went to play the new game "I said "finally". The game didn't look as innocent as the other games the game was about something creepy. Mira appeared and looked very mad for some reason she said " well look another jammer has discovered something only for me to know". Her feathers instantly changed color the color was black her eyes were blood red. I tried to run away but I couldn't she caught me. She started pecking at me I started bleeding I blacked out. I woke up I went to my den I went to go get an apple, when I was thinking was it a dream or was it real? I looked in the mirror I was bleeding my eyes were bleeding I was bleeding. Mira suddenly appeared in her dark form her true form she said "This happened to you because you know too much..." She started pecking me again. I said to her"why"? She didn't answer me. I had died.........

                                         THE END


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