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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Updates April 2, 2015

Hey jammers it's me Fusion and today is April 2, 2015 I hope you guys have had a good day so far anyways today is update day and there are some pretty interesting news here it is.

There is a new adventure called the Spring Festival it is an adventure where you have to collect eggs and you get prizes from it, it's kind of like an eater egg hunt.  It is located on the My Parties list.
Here is one of the prizes you can win in the adventure.
The Deep Space Den Item Set is now available in Jam Mart Furniture so be sure to pick it up if you want it to look like a space den.

Since the weather is getting warmer Polar Bears are leaving Jamaa since they like cold climates they will be leaving on April 16 which means they will return when the weather gets cooler again.

Hmm a new animal or a pet is coming to Jamaa what could it be, I think it will be pet geckos since this picture showed a pet gecko and the tail on this animal looks familiar.

         Here is today's new item which is the Penguin Claw in the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds
Here is today's 2 leaving items which are located in Jam Mart Clothing Shop so you better buy them before they leave.

                                There are 2 posts on the Daily Explorer so here they are!

 In other news items from the Diamond Shop now have a diamond on them to signify they are from the Diamond Shop.

       Question of the Post: What was your favorite part of this update and why?
         Anyways that's it for today's post jammers anyways bye bye see you next time!

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