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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Updates April 16, 2015

Hey jammers it's me Fusion and today is April 16, 2015 and today is a Thursday and last week there were no updates so today must be update day! Anyways let's get on to the news. Pet Geckos are have come to Jamaa and are available in the Diamond Shop for 3 gems that's what I had guessed was coming soon in the last Jamaa Journal.

 So, when you get a Animal Jam Retail Card and redeem it you will get a bunny that has a special pattern along with exclusive den items if you redeem it from now until July.

The Cruise Ship Party is now available since Summer is coming soon like in 2 months, also Polar Bears are now traveling and will return when the weather gets cooler.

So there are banners in every land in Jamaa that when you click it you will get a cool fact about Earth Day which Earth Day is next week. Also, there is a reminder on Best Guess.
 Hmm something new is coming could it be a new land or a remake of an already existing land?

     Today's new item is the Investigator's Hat in Jam Mart Clothing Shop for 500 gems.

   Today's leaving item is the Ice Garden in Epic Wonders so be sure to buy it before it's gone.

            There are new spring loading pages which are so adorable and awesome!

                          Question of the Post: What do you think of today's updates?
                                                                Here is a GIF:

Anyways that's it for today post anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye bye!

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