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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reindeer Slippers And A Festive Mat

Hey jammers its me Fusion and today's new item is the reindeer slippers which are super mega cute aww just by looking at them you get all warm and cozy and when you wear them you could be super warm and cozy.

In other news today's returning item is the giant candy cane which if you were a giant you would think this as a small treat.

Today's jamaaliday gift is the jamaaliday mat which is cute and it is a repeated jamaaliday gift it was the first jamaaliday gift last year, also today there was 2 diamonds for all members one was from the daily diamond and the other was a bonus for members.

Anyways bye jammers happy jamming and happy jamaaliday, (this is optional to read) today I opened my jam-a-grams and there was one that said "thanks for playing with me" but then I reloaded the page and it wasn't there anymore and I also remembered that only Fman122 uses that to send a virus to people who open the gift but Fman122 may or may not be real I think 90% he or she is not real and 10% that he or she is real. Anyways bye bye! ^.^

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