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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rant #4 Meh Repeated Gifts During Jamaalidays

   Hey jammers its me Fusion with another post about another rant this time its about repeated gifts that are meh. Meh means that they are like not bad but not good. I decided to do this rant because jamaaliday gifts are coming each day of this month till the 25th which is the last day of the gifting. Today I wanted to do the rant because today was a meh jamaaliday gift which was repeated. The gift was a bag of gifts which you mostly see the bag than the gifts. Some jamaaliday gifts are pawsome while others are meh. The jamaaliday gifts that are meh are the ones that are repeated every year or ones that are not creative. Anyways this has been a short jamaaliday themed rant anyways this has been Fusion anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye bye! But I leave you here with a picture of what a person would look like if they said meh and saw a meh jamaaliday gift.

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