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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jamaalidays Continue

    Hey jammers today's returning item is the Jamaaliday scarf which will go well with any outfit as long as they are the same color. It is located in Mt. Shiveer.

In other news today's jamaaliday gift is a repeated one sadly its the bag of gifts its a meh jamaaliday gift because we mostly see the bag more than the gifts, if you were making a santa den I would recommend it. Credit to the Animal Jam River for this picture I used it because  when I opened my gift it glitched out.

Also, today's leaving item is located in the diamond shop it is the elephant claw which thank god its leaving because the only claws I buy from the diamond shop are the ones that look awesome the reason I didn't buy it is because its meh its pretty decent but it doesn't match my standards.

Anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye bye, also have you noticed that I put pokemon music from Pokemon X and Y because they are so awesome! Anyways this has been me Fusion and now I has to go bye!

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