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Friday, December 19, 2014

Icicles Horns And More Things

Hey jammers its me Fusion and today's new items are the ornament earrings and they look like something that you would wear if you played transformice.

Another new item is the jamaaliday bird feeder which is nice for feeding birds also the bow is a nice touch which makes it cute.

Another new item is the jamaaliday window which is so cute and awesome and whatever AJHQ gives a bow to makes the item even cuter.

Today's jamaaliday gift is the icicle horn which looks like the unicorn horn but it looks more like a frozen popsicle unicorn horn for every jammer.
Here is how it looks like on an arctic wolf.

Anyways bye jammers happy jamming and happy jamaalidays anyways bye bye jammers see you tomorrow! ^.^

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