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Monday, November 24, 2014

Rants #3 The Diamond Shop

  Hey jammers its me Fusion again and this post is about ranting about the diamond shop. The diamond shop was introduced late spring or summer last year. Many people were happy when the diamond shop came out, but other people were angry because it brought out member gifts and rares they had gotten through time. Many jammers were so angry they quit. Later in 2013 and this year 2014 AJHQ began releasing more and more items in the diamond shop which were unfair to nonmembers. I know members pay money (like me) to get stuff and to become members which that money is used to improve animal jam. This year many many more animals and  pets and member items have been introduced to the diamond shop. There are some nonmember items but they are only a few.  Almost every update there has been in 2014 there has been something to do with stuff in the diamond shop. Like the recent update that was made last week. Last week there was polar bears which are like good and sorta cute but sorta manly. Pet polar bears were also released but not in the diamond shop which you have to redeem a gift card in order to get one, pet polar bears are rarely seen at all.  I hope that someday member gifts return so it can be back to normal they way it was back then like people said (i did not know how it was back then but i have seen videos about aj in 2012). Anyways this conclude another post of rants of AJ.
Pic of diamond shop

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