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Friday, November 21, 2014

Rants #2 Adoption Center And Adopting

   Hey jammers its me Fusion with another rant this time its about the so called adoption center and adopting,anyways lets start. Well the adoption center is in the pillow room. Its called the pillow room not adoption center. The adoption center consists of the adopter and the baby, pet or the love person. The adopter is the jammer who is wanting to adopt someone because they are bored and don't know what to do. The baby is the jammer who is saying that they are a newborn baby and that they are special. The pet is the jammer who wants to be adopted as a pet they are usually a dog. The love jammer is the jammer that says "if you like me come to my den". They are crazy because this isn't a dating site if it was people would be 16 and 18 and 21. There is another type of jammer that is located in the pillow room which is called the viewer or the hanger. The hanger or the viewer is the type of jammer that is just chilling out with a friend or the jammer who is just watching jammers get adopted. Some people like the so called adoption center which is really the pillow room. Some people are against adopting and some like adopting while the others are like"meh i really don't care". Also, its called the pillow room for a reason. Anything that says pillow means that its a place to calm down because a pillow is something you use to rest.

    Anyways this concludes another rant about AJ anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

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