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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rants #1 The Unbuddiers

   Hey jammers this is a new series called rants where I basically rant about stuff that I don't like so anyways lets get to the rant. Today's rant is about the unbuddiers. The unbuddiers are people who buddy you then 2 weeks later or a month later they unbuddy you. This has happened to me and I think unbuddiers are unfair and rude. They are unfair and rude because in the first place why do they buddy you if then they are gonna unbuddy you, which that makes no sense at all. I think the unbuddiers should stop because it isn't fair to the people that got unbuddied for no reason at all. If people are gonna unbuddy you they should first tell you. To get back at the unbuddiers I always buddy them back or not buddy them at all and find another buddy. When someone unbuddies me I'm like ugh. I think the reason there are unbuddiers is because they wanna buddy someone else who is much much better than you, which is kinda rude which I think it is caused by rares maybe idk. Or it might be because they think they are no longer close to you.

             Anyways this has been the 1st rants of AJ anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

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