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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Updates May 28, 2015

Hey jammers it's me Fusion and today is May 28, 2015 and today is Thursday and last week there was no updates so today there are updates. The Summer Carnival is back and you can go to the Summer Carnival from the Party List or through the Signs around Jamaa.

 They also changed the Summer Carnival icon a little bit and it looks a bit more interesting, also its been a while since we could go to the Summer Carnival through the Party list it was since 2013.
Speaking of the Summer Carnival there are new place in the Carnival.

Page 2 is about the Tickets and prizes from the Summer Carnival, and also about more questions being added to Best Guess.
Page 3 is about the new theater in Appondale with the animated videos.
Here is the Appondale Theater.

Page 4 is about the otters traveling Jamaa and about a new animal that there is an image hidden in Jamaa, I think I found the image which was the llama in Canyons Pathway.
Page 5 is just an advertisement. 
In this update there were new loading pages and here they are.
Here are all the returning items for today.
I give this update a 9/10
Question of the Post: What was your favorite part of this update?
Now for the T or F question!

True or False Thursday: Australian frilled lizards are not part of the dragon family.
Here is a GIF:
Anyways that's it for this post anyways bye! ^-^

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