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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Hey jammers its me Fusion and today is May 27, 2015 and today's new item in Bahari Bargains for 650 gems *Drumroll please* its the Narwhal Horn YAS I LOVE NARWHALS ! 

A narwhal gif!
Today's leaving item is the Yeti Face in Shiveer Shop so be sure to pick it up before its gone.
Scammer Jammer Wednesday: So this jammer was telling people that they got scammed and that people should send them stuff which is another scam, it could have been true that they might have gotten scammed because its like 75%- 80% of the time its a scam and 20%-25% of the time its not a scam, so just to be sure you should report them.
 Question of the Post: Have you ever gotten scammed or hacked if so who did it and what was the method?
Here is a GIF and yes another narwhal themed GIF:
Anyways that's it for this battle, post bye sorry I was thinking of Pokemon lol so awkward *sighs*

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