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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mechanical Wall Crest+ Leaving Scorpion Helmet

Hey jammers it's Fusion and today is May 19,2015 yes, I said that I was gonna post in 2-3 weeks but guess what I don't have to test again until the first week of June so I have time to post again! Anyways today's new item is the Mechanical Wall Crest for 550 gems in Jam Mart Furniture.

Today's leaving item is the Scorpion Helmet in Epic Wonders which I am not that big of a fan of that armor because I just do not think it looks amazing but it sorta looks kind of awkward on any animal.

In other news I have changed the header of the blog and also the background since it is almost  summer next month.

Rare Rating Tuesday: Founder's Hat 

The Founder's Hat used to be worth a lot like 3 or 2 bad spikes but now it's rarity has dropped it is now worth 1 bad collar such as the orange collar.

Question of the Post: What is your favorite holiday?

Here's a GIF!:

Anyways bye!

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