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Thursday, August 7, 2014


 Hey jammers today is update day a ton of new features came in today and a  lot of new items and a new adventure. The new adventure I will play tomorrow, its called turning the tide it sounds very cool and interesting, its about finding the dolphin alpha Tavie.

            About the voting for best items the icecream parlor items won yummy sweet treats!

The yummy items are in the den items shop if you want to eat yummy sweet treats be sure to buy them.

             They all come in a variety of different colors to make a icecream parlor of any color.

In other new now jammers can preview any den which is useful because if you don't like how it looks than you can just not buy it.

            I say its pretty good to have that awesome feature of previewing it, it looks nice.

In other news no otter this update, in 2 weeks we will have the otter in Jamaa, well but AJHQ brought us this video with the otters. Be sure to check out that video in AJ.
In other news AJHQ has brought us the reviews they got from the AJ insiders guide.
In honor of pet adoption week AJHQ has discount on the pets in the diamond shop.

And speaking of the diamond shop there is a new claw machine there its the monkey claw in my opinion its the worst one in animal jam I hate the monkeys because they don't look pretty in anything in real life they look cute.

                                           Anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye! ^o^

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