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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Otterly Updates

    Hey jammers today was update day with otters and a Liza portrait the updates were not good but not bad. But sadly they are members only and diamonds.
The otters look cute very very cute Snowyclaw did a video about their moves on Youtube.

Also, in the chamber of knowledge there is a mini book where you can read a story about otters

Also, there is an exhibit for otters in the Conservation Museum where you can learn more about otters.

Also, turning the tide is now available in hard mode if you would like a challenge of that adventure.

Also, speaking of Tavie there is now an alpha spotlight and it features Tavie it talks about her.

There is also a game sale in the sol arcade for all games which gives you a discount.

There is a new trade table which looks more modern and can prevent people getting scammed.
Its really cool and neater than the old one.
Also, today's new item is in the jamaa furniture shop not in the clothing one wearing it would be so funny its the Liza portrait and maybe the rest of the alpha's portrait's might come also.

Also today is the last day for the lionfish armor which the lionfish helmet went first yesterday.
Also, there was a new video today the volcanoes 101 which is interesting and cool all about volcanoes.

Also sorry about not posting yesterday but I just needed a rest from posting almost everyday, if you want to check yesterday's new item check the animal jam spirit or the animal jam river.
Anyways bye jammers happy jamming bye!

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