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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Updates November 5, 2015

Hey guys it's me Fusion and today is November 5, 2015 and there are some rather interesting and awesome updates today, well let's get to the news.
Well the autumn adventure Twists and Turns is back and is for all jammers.
There are now 300 item spaces in jammers' inventories only if you are a member, which is great but I would like more den spaces because there are so many great items.
Arctic Foxes are coming soon and there is a cool new video with one of the arctic foxes and a regular fox.

There are new items at the Sol Arcade in the all new Astronomy Shop so be sure to check that out, also you can visit the Medical Center to learn how you can help Polar Bears in the wild.
Page 5 is just about the Polar Bear thing.

In other news today's new item is in Jam Mart Furniture it's the Pumpkin Planter for 550 gems and its nonmember.

In other news there are new loading pages that are very cute and very fit for the season here they are:

There is also a cute new Jam-a-Gram fit for the thankful occasion.

Also fall has come to Jamaa once again and it looks very pretty.

Over in the DE there is a new post about the Arctic Foxes coming to Jamaa along with the video. Click here to read that post and view the vid!

Anyways that's it for this post anyways bye guys!

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