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Monday, November 30, 2015

Rare Epic Antlers

Hey guys it's me Fusion and today is November 30, 2015 and tomorrow is December 1 which means *drumroll* tomorrow the Daily Jamaaliday Gifts will start, omg I am super excited are you!? Anyways today is also a Monday and as always there is a Rare Item Monday anyways today's RIM is drumroll please *drumroll* the Rare Epic Antlers. Well it's purple and green such same colors *sighs* well on the bright side it's better than some RIM's and I kind of like it oh and btw today's RIM was released early yesterday. I give this RIM a 5/10.

Over at the Daily Explorer there is a post on today's RIM. Click here to read more on this DE post!

Today's leaving items are both the Chrysanthemum and the Chrysanthemum Bouquet in Treetop Gardens so be sure to run like a crazy person and try to get one as soon as possible before they leave forever..... or until next year who knows if they might return or they will return or they wont...

Mystery Picture Monday
In other news there is a new segment called Mystery Picture Monday anyways it's basically I screenshot a part of a picture a and you guys have to guess what is is in the comments below and I will reveal it next Monday anyways here is the first ever MPM:
Clue: It's an animal and it is a mammal.
Anyways here's a GIF: 
Anyways that's it for this post anyways bye guys!

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