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Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Brief Hiatus

Hey guys it's me Fusion and I am announcing that on Monday the 30th or on Sunday I will return to posting on this blog I haven't been able to post because I felt that I needed a rest from blogging because blogging takes some time off my day to do so that's why I've had a brief hiatus and that hiatus is going to end soon like I said I will return to post on Monday or even sooner so here's the schedule for now:
Monday- Mystery Picture Monday
Tuesday- Truth or Dare Tuesday
Wednesday- No Post
Thursday- Updates (if there are updates) and throwback Thursday
Friday- Factual Friday
Saturday- No Post
Sunday- Serenading Sunday (I put lyrics and in the comments people have to guess what song it is)

Here is a GIF:

Anyways Happy Thanksgiving and bye guys that's it for this post!

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