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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Updates February 19, 2015

Hey jammers its me Fusion with today's daily post here with an updates post so here are the updates.
Aww new pets they look super adorable muy adorable! ^-^ They are in the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds.
Page number 2 is about Snow Leopards becoming endangered and it talks about them leaving on March 5th which is when the next update comes.

Page 3 talks about owls in the Forgotten Desert and the Friendship Festival stuff leaving.

              Page 4 just talks about the new den set which is the pizza parlor.

Today's returning item is the Emerald Ring which is located at Epic Wonders for 1,000 gems.

Today's leaving item is the Heart Bracelet in Jam Mart Clothing Shop so you better pick it up before it leaves.

                              Anyways bye bye jammers happy jamming bye bye! ^-^

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