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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rant # 5 The Rude Jammers

Hey jammers it's me Fusion with another rant, this rant is about rude jammers who are rude to other jammers for no reason. Well, the rude jammers can be both members. Rude jammers can be rude for many reasons like they want to feel in control and want to be better than anyone else. Or for other reasons or sometimes they don't have any reason for being rude. I have an example that happened to me while I was on my storage account when I was doing an adventure, I was staring at someone then they got mad at me and said that I couldn't do anything because I was a nonmember which I felt kind of offended so here is that person's user tag.

                 Anyways bye bye jammers that's it for this rant anyways bye bye! ^-^

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