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Friday, January 30, 2015

Rants #4 The Over Trade And Under Trade Jammers

Hey jammers its me Fusion and I know I haven't done a rant since November so I decided to make one this rant is called the over trade and under trade jammers because I am about to rant about people over trading for rares and betas and under trade for them, anyways lets get on to the rant. Okay so rares and betas are good and bad at the same time, some jammers under trade for them while other over trade for them. There are 2 ways of over trading 1 which is when you the jammer who sees an item that you want lets say a rare headdress and you trade them a rare long spike that's an over trade. Another example of an over trade is when you see an item that you like lets use the rare headdress again and you trade them a rare short yellow long which I think that is a good trade for both jammers but then the other jammer declines and send you a jamaa gram saying that they would like a rare long pink if you do trade them they will get the better deal because rare headdresses are way worth less than any long rare spike. Okay so now for the under trade jammers the jammers who under trade for betas and rares. Usually the under trade jammers are the jammers who have barely joined Animal Jam and don't know the values of the rares and betas.

   Anyways I hope you enjoyed this rant anyways bye bye jammers happy jamming bye bye! ^-^

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