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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Let's Lock The Dreadlocks

    Hey jammers today animal jam released the hat with dreadlocks I don't think that is the best item in the summer carnival which I would like them to release the stegosaurus tail or the lightning necklace for me those are the best items of the summer carnival besides the racoon tail, the hat with dreadlocks costs: 2,500 tickets and is in the summer carnival.

     In other news a jammer noticed AJHQ hasn't fixed the glitch where the snow leopard's face appears on an under water item that is a glitch that has been happening for a long time, but when you are under water the land items appear to have an arctic wolf face.


  1. Also, please report and block articwolf20046 he is a big scammer and he scammed my sewing machine in the month of May!

  2. I don't really like the Hat with Dreadlocks either... I've seen that glitch... I hate it! but i have an artic wolf anyways... :3

  3. i don't like the hat with dreadlocks either


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