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Friday, June 27, 2014

   Hey jammers sorry for not posting yesterday, so yesterdays update had pet giraffes which were so cute with their big heads and little body, but sadly their in the diamond shop I bought one yesterday they are for members only.

 There was also a new den in the update its the biggest ever anyone can easily get lost I also bought it yesterday and its my favorite den.

In other news the freedom party is back! And lions have become endangered!

     Also rhinos are coming back soon! And with a video with a rhino and a bird I haven't seen it yet but I will check it out.

 Also the straw hat came with the update.

 Today the summer carnival has replaced the normal plushies with the freedom plushies.

Also, the freedom party has a new clothing item that is the freedom racoon hat it looks nice but the eyes with the red looks a bit creepy but still cool.

  In other news in the diamond shop they released the ocean base camp music.

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