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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Creepypasta #7 Fox Hats+ Raccoon Hats

Hey guys do you wanna know about how fox hats are made? Well for starters they are not fake foxes. They are the skin of a fox that wasn't very lucky. Well first, foxes are picked based on how they act if they are nice and kind they don't become fox hats until they are mean and snobby. And if they act rude and snobby well first they chop their heads off. Then, they take the skin of the heads, and you wanna know why there is a tail there they slice it off the body then they hot glue gun it to the skin. They put pillow stuffing on the inside of the hat so that no one should be able to tell that it is real fox skin. Then they replace the fox's eyes with buttons. Then they ship it out to stores where jammers buy them and wear them knowing that they know that there isn't another animal that they are wearing but they are wearing another animal's skin. Well now you know the truth and that's also how raccoon hats are made using the same process.

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