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Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19, 2015 Updates

Hello jammers its me Fusion I have decided to return to blogging earlier. Anyways today is Thursday and last week there were no updates so that means today there must be updates!
Anyways here is the Jamaa Journal Volume 142!
 Lions have returned from being endangered in Jamaa so if you want one you can go to the diamond shop and go buy it for 10 diamonds.

A new game which is called Best Guess it just a true or false game that you have to answer different questions and you earn gems by answering correctly.
This a new feature that if you trade an item that has the rare tag or an item from the diamond shop a message will pop up.
A reminder of the the Clover Armor set and that there is a new minibook on lions in the wild.
 April is almost here which means that the April Fools' Party will soon be here and there is a new conservation museum on Animals of Africa.

Here is today's returning item which is the Musketeer Hat in Jam Mart Clothing Shop for 550 gems.

             Here is a link to my Youtube channel:        https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYn3Jyn7R7wTGuGbBrJbE4g     

                                                              Here is today's GIF:

 Today's question of the day is: Do you like the new game Best Guess yes or no and why or why not?
            That's it for today's post anyways bye bye jammers happy jamming bye bye! ^-^

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